Pro's + Con's of Purchasing a Template

Although I may or may not soon be a template seller on, I really want to discuss the perks and downsides of purchasing and owning a template made by some web designer. Everyone wants to save some money, right? Just take my advice and face the facts before using $15 or more from that Birthday Visa card you've been saving. Don't get me wrong, pre-made templates are one of the coolest things to own, especially if you are in in love with the idea of designing your own site. As a fellow template purchaser, let me give you my best advice:

Pro's of Template Purchasing
- You'll get a wide selection of really cool pre-made templates to suit you blog or website the best.
- The template will help not only you, but the readers because it'll give them a more appealing view of your site.
- A stylish or nice looking template (or anything really) will always make you look more professional and devoted to your work.
- Most of the designers and owners of the template shop are willing to help you with setting up your template (just ask nicely :)
- The template will take your website or blog to new heights!
- There are many cheap and simple templates that you can purchase if you're not 100% devoted into full-on buying a pricier one.

Cons's of Template Purchasing
- Many templates may be overpriced for what you receive.
- Elaborating to the previous point, the quality of the template may be lamer than you thought, and the only reason the template looked nice was because of the attractive and cohesive images and colors the designer used to lure you in.
- The web designer may not be willing to help you with setting up your template for free.
- The template may not be completely true to your style although you like the design.
- The designer of the pre-made template will be linked at the bottom.

Imoga Collection is Launched

Hi again, and sorry for the delay of posts! On the bright side, school just ended so It'll be more likely of me to post more often :) Anyways, I have about 1/3 of my jumble of project releasing to talk about today. My mom, designer and founder of the high-end children's brand, Imoga Collection, has just finished up with a recent collaboration with me to design her new and improved website. Her brand, Imoga, sells in department stores such as Barneys New York, Fred Segal, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and honestly too many more to name (Just check out the Store Listing page!) I also did a super fun post/series of her Fall/Winter 2016 runway show at Spring Studios in NYC.

Go To Imoga Collection
Unfortunately not selling any merchandise on this website, it has more of a portfolio value to the site. I'm so happy that I was able to do this project with her, and it's really worth all the time it took for designing and re-designing about four times. The website itself is actually very simple and clean to present the information at it's finest. Of course, working aside with my mom is really easy and helped me out in numerous ways. Go check out the site!

My Top 3 Favorite Sitcom Netflix Ready Shows

One thing I hate the most is when you're in a tv show pit of darkness, and have nothing funny to watch at night before you fall fast asleep probably next to your phone or after school "doing your homework".  Anyways, I'm here to fill the pit of darkness and give you my top 3 sitcom-style shows to fill that sad, and boring void. From in office romances, saving your local Parks and Recreation organization, to woking as a page in New York, I've got 'em all, and can be found on the almighty Netflix. Read below for my top 3 faves, enjoy!

#1) The Office
Not only does this documentary-style sitcom go on for a whopping nine seasons, it's comedy level only gets better every episode. Plus, a budding romance starts into the best "ship couple" ever; Jam! Furthermore, we all know Steve Carrel for playing the main character in the hit animation "Despicable Me", but he's even funnier here; and you'll also most likely want to kill him but hug him at the same time. 

#2) Parks and Recreation
From a bubbly and hilarious blonde risk taker, aka Amy Poehler to an extremely serious alcohol and camp loving and snappy mustache man, it only gets funnier, and also created by the same producer as The Office, has the documentary sitcom style. Each character has a special place within the show whether it's April Ludgate and her only lovable fiance Andy Dwyer, or more known as Chris Pratt.

#3) 30 Rock
A sitcom written by the one the only Tina Fey, of a group of completely opposite friends working at 30 Rockefeller Center at NBC creating new adventures in love, friendship, food, and at the workplace. You also just gotta love how there's a complete reunion on Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt of Tina being the hungover therapist, Jane Krakowski being one of the main characters, Mrs. Voorhes, Titus Burgess being Titus Andromedon, and Liz's ex on 30 Rock being the reverend.

How to Develop A Great Blog Or Website + Resources

Some things i've learned about blogging and website development is that it's definitely a process of choosing the things that you like, a bunch of photography to match your look, and more. That being said, I definitely wanted to create a post that could share some of my biggest pointers and such. Read below and I hope you take something from this ;)

#1 | Stay Patient Within the Process
One thing to be aware of is that creating and developing a well-rounded site is that it will definitely take a good deal of time. Unless you have the tech, design, and writing team of your dreams waiting to work for you, it's gonna be awhile until your blog or website will be to your eye of perfection. Some things you have to do to start up a site is to create a good amount of posts or content before you launch it in public, create a template and design, and add some optional labels such as about, contact, inquiries, and other personal labels.

#2 | Know What You're Doing
This kind of sounds weird when read, but you need at least a good outline of what you want and where you want to go with your blog or website. Some popular blogging topics are coding and web design, fashion, lifestyle, makeup and beauty, and some doctors even have their own sites to promote their service. Even though these topics are the general known, it's definitely more interesting to have your own twist on things. That being said, just know what you're doing and getting into once thinking about creating something on the world wide webernet (lol.)

#3 | Google or Search a Bunch of Things
You're honestly just going to have a bunch of questions about blogging and developing your site and will end up Googling everything in the end. Also, feel totally free to ask me any questions using my contact section or anywhere in the comments ;) I have some resources that I suppose you may want when needing information:

Coding + Web Design Sites

Helplogger | The Blogging Brew | Xomisse | PinkPot

Photography sites

Bloomin' RougeFrom Roses

Popular Blogs (For a Ref.)

WeWoreWhat | Estée Lalonde | With Love From Kat (There are many more)

Life Update + Project Release

Hey, I definitely haven't been updating this site and the reason being is because a few projects are in the making-one almost finished and ready to publish, one completely in the making, and hopefully more to come. Furthermore, we just finished our standardized testing, better known as Parcc (Oh my god I think I'm literally gonna vomit in my hand typing that), so that has taken up some time, which could have obviously been used for better time.

Anyways, since this post shouldn't be a ranting party, I also want to talk about some recent stuff happening, or "current events" in my life right now. I'm obviously working on some web designing projects, but besides that, I'm engulfing myself in Netflix. For example, in the past two months or so, I've finished all 9 seasons of The Office and all 7 seasons of Parks and Recreation. I moved on to 30 Rock and New Girl, and also waiting for more seasons of The Flash and Arrow. I also skid along season 1 of Jane the Virgin and finished the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt. Not to mention, that the Met Ball just happened a day or so ago, which unhealthily spammed my Insta feed with Balmain gowns and such. I also worked on some freehand templates on my spare time that I might share on this site, but that's my update.

If you have an questions or want to book any web designing sessions with me, please feel free to contact me and check out my work with me page.

Smith's Rosebud Salve Review

Hey! I originally submitted this post as a photography post, but decided to spice it up a bit, and republish it. Therefore, I present a very random review on my Smith's Rosebud salve. Furthermore, I obviously didn't get sponsored for this post, therefore this is my 100% honest review.
I bought for this salve for only about $1.99 because it was on sale at Charlotte Russe, but I believe that the original price is about $7, depending on your location. You can find this specific brand/product at stores such as Urban Outfitters, Sephora, and obviously website vendors such as Amazon or Ebay.
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For the price, (about seven dollars) I think that the product amount and quality is pretty decent and maybe would rate it a 8/10.

As for scent, it smells really natural and non-artificially rosebud smelling. There are also other scents they sell such as mandarin, mint, and strawberry, which I have yet to try.

I really like the packaging, and if you disagree, there are also similar tube versions from Smith's as well. Nonetheless, this specific product hold a lot of product, so your'e not getting ripped off.

I've recognized that a good amount of people also reviewed this product and also didn't love the packaging because it makes your finger sticky or dirty with the salve after applying it, which I agree. I also have to disagree in a way because this salve isn't just used for a lip balm, you can also use it as a high-density moisturizer/lotion for your skin, just like Vaseline.

The overall quality and wellness of Smith's Rosebud salve is really decent. If you would want a similar product to compare it to, I would just say the standard Vaseline or petroleum jelly. It has a thick consistency that helps cuts and such heal well, and moisturizes well on skin or lips.

Thrifting in New York + Tips

I wanted to get it sooo bad

Hey, I have some pointers about shopping at used clothing and item sellers, known as thrift stores.
One thing to keep in mind while thrifting is not to go trigger happy on purchasing clothing just because of the decent prices, and frankly usually cheap.
Secondly, and a tip that most already should know, is to sanitize any thrifted items, whether they seem clean or not. Simply throw any thrifted clothing in the wash and wear it then, cause ya never know where that could've been!

Vintage Ferragamo
Lastly, if you want to have a friend or other person shopping with you, go with one with opposite taste. I say this because you never know when a great thrift comes by and both of you want it, so instead of quarreling about a unique item that only one person can buy, go with a "polar opposite" someone.
One of my new favorite shops, No Relation Vintage - Harley Davidson shirt | $8